Time / Convenience, Advice & Price

April 20, 2012

When determining what it is that Medical Professionals in Ireland look for from a protection or life assurance advisor, three basic requirements consistently turned up.

1. Time / Convenience – “I cannot take a full morning off to go for a medical examination.”

2. Advice – “I need to make sure that I am getting the right advice as I don’t want to have to revisit this every year.”

3. Price – “I won’t pay any more than I have to for my protection cover.”


When looking at how I could deliver on each of these requirements, I realised that I already deliver on numbers 2 and 3.  Having been in the life assurance industry in Ireland since 1993, I understand each and every protection product inside out, which I believe allows me to properly assess and advise on a client’s unique circumstances.  Med Protect also deal with every major life assurance company in Ireland, which means that I can recommend the best products, but equally as important, the best price.

So how to I make sure that a client doesn’t have to waste too much time going through forms and travelling across towns to meet an independent doctor for a lengthy medical examination?  Med Protect can now organise for a qualified nurse to call to a clients’ home or place of work to carry out a medical examination, if required by the life assurance company.  Given that higher sum assured cases tend to carry higher medical underwriting requirements, a stress and exercise ECG may also be required.  Whilst this must usually be from a completely independent source, we have agreed with some life assurance companies that for higher levels of cover cases from Med Protect clients, they will accept a stress and exercise ECG from the client’s own hospital.  The result being that our clients spend less time moving around and more time attending to their patients and their business.

Med Protect want to make this easy for our clients.  We want to advise you accurately, make sure you have the right level of the right type of cover and that you pay as little as possible for your protection requirements.  Contact us through our quick form here or phone me now on 1890 254 000.