Clarification of what we do for you.

June 19, 2013

I sometimes notice that there is some confusion out there as to what Med Protect do for clients and what we actually offer advice on.

To clarify – We do not offer professional indemnity insurance for medical professionals – We deal with the financial issues that would arise for the individual and their family should they suffer from an illness, disability or injury that would prevent them from working and earning an income.  We also ensure that money would be made available to their family should they die during or after their working years.  We do this for the individual rather than the occupation.

One of our jobs is to make sure that you, as a person who happens to be employed or working as a medical professional, would continue to be financially stable if something medical were to happen to you which would jeopardise you being able to pay for everything in your daily life such as car insurance, groceries, electricity for your home, school fees for your children etc.

Our advice comes in the form of recommending a) how much of what type of cover and b) which company’s product should you pick.  They all claim to have the best and the cheapest, but their small print and quotes might suggest otherwise.

We also provide advice and act as a sound-board to GP’s who have entered into or are entering into a partnership with others.  What would happen if X happened?  What would happen if one of the partners dies and the surviving partners don’t have enough money to buy out the deceased partner’s share from their estate?

Call me on 01 668 6136 or email me on with any questions or concerns that you may have.  We have the answers and the reassurance. A one hour evening or day time consultation could sort everything out for you.